Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat (Book One of the Life Indigo series)
2017 Foreword INDIES Awards Finalist

Kasper Mützenmacher’s family has been cursed to sell hats ever since their Greek ancestor stole the god Hermes’ teleportation hat. Kasper doesn’t mind making hats, though, and he loves Berlin’s cabaret scene even more. But his carefree life of jazz and booze comes to a screeching halt when he uses Hermes’ hat to rescue his flapper girlfriend from the shadowy Klaus, a veil-wearing Nazi who brainwashes his victims until they can’t see their own faces. Later, the Mützenmachers appear headed to Dachau after Klaus steals the hat on Kristallnacht. Even if Kasper gets the hat back, his family won’t be any safer in America until they break the curse that has trapped them in the hat business for sixteen centuries.

Book One of the Life Indigo series, The Cursed Hat is a funny, dark, fantastical journey through the Jazz Age, Nazi Germany, and WWII Detroit.

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