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Fate Accompli: The Water Nymph Gospels, Book 1


Two cursed families. One marauding god. Zero chance of escape. And now the bad news.


Tuscany, 1603. Andolosia Petasos dreams of being the next Da Vinci, only Fate has cursed him to make hats. It's not Andolosia's fault. After all, it was his Greek ancestor who stole Hermes' teleportation hat and brought down all of Olympus. The gods just don't forgive that sort of thing.


For Moira, weaving fates is a thankless job — what with the rampant sexual harassment, unequal pay, and incompetent management. And now she must weave a future that will fix the Olympian disaster, the very one she created. 


Andolosia's life changes when the rich and powerful Sansone de Medici commissions a fantastical hat. At de Medici's Florentine palazzo, Andolosia encounters the feisty Carlotta Lux. She claims de Medici has kidnapped her because she is descended from Daphne, the legendary water nymph. Of course, Andolosia has no choice but to rescue her using Hermes' hat. But instead of gratitude, she is furious. Carlotta had been within inches of killing her captor.


Sansone de Medici is not who he seems. He is driven by a supernatural urge that demands he never gives up the chase. And Andolosia and Carlotta can't run far enough to escape him. 

Fate Accompli Book Trailer

Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat
(Curiosity Quills Press, 2017; out of print)

Kasper Mützenmacher keeps a divine "wishing hat" locked in the wall safe of his Berlin hat shop.
The Mützenmacher family has been cursed to sell hats ever since their Greek ancestor stole the god Hermes' teleportation hat in the fourth century. Kasper doesn't mind making hats, though, and he loves Berlin's cabaret scene even more. But his carefree life of jazz and booze comes to a screeching halt after he uses the wishing hat to rescue his flapper girlfriend from the shadowy Klaus, a veil-wearing Nazi who brainwashes his victims until they can't see their own faces.
When Klaus steals the wishing hat on Kristallnacht, the Mützenmachers appear headed to Dachau. But even if Kasper can get back the hat, the family won't be any safer in America until they break the curse that has trapped them in the hat business for sixteen centuries.
Life Indigo is a funny, dark, fantastical journey through the Jazz Age, Nazi Germany, and WWII Detroit.



2017 Foreword INDIES Awards Finalist


"one part noir, one part slapstick, and one part high-octane adventure.... Fentonmiller weaves an incredible, breakneck story that jumps from the personal to the political in a single breath."
"an undeniably imaginative journey. Beyond fantastical, but it keeps the reader eager to uncover its final destination."

Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat Book Trailer

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